21 October 2008

Madelyn Writer 101

Here's things you need to know first.

I am a woman. 26 (at present). My first name is Madelyn. My last name is not Writer. My hair is boring (see picture for accurate representation). Relatively good looking. Relatively troubled. Single. I am at constant war over whether or not to get a tattoo. And I'm British.

This blog is about my adventures in the virtual world, Second Life. Second Life is a virtual world (http://www.secondlife.com/) which is as immersive as one can easily attain at this point. In this virtual world, you can go just about anywhere and do just about anything. This blog will cover the anywheres and anythings in detail.

Chances are I will - if I can figure it out - disable all comments on the blog proper. I want to be very frank and honest here, and chances are I would start to curtail such honesty if I was aware of any kind of fanbase or following or whatever. I will say you can reach me personally at madelynwriter@yahoo.com should you read along and feel you have come to know me or something.

So here goes.

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